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the amazing spider man 2 wikipedia - the amazing spider man 2 also released as the amazing spider man 2 rise of electro in some markets is a 2014 american superhero film featuring the marvel comics character spider man, the 25 greatest spider man stories ign - back in 2004 spider man 2 was on the verge of wowing movie goers with climactic battles between spidey and doctor octopus naturally marvel put doc ock in the spotlight via brian k vaughan and staz johnson who crafted a unique tale around otto octavius and his hatred for spider man, spider man by david koepp daily script - spider man by david koepp based on characters created by stan lee and steve ditko fade in ext a back alley day the screen is filled by the face of peter parker a seventeen, spider man peter parker marvel universe wiki the - the other morlun returned again viciously beating spider man removing an eye and hospitalizing him mary jane tried to stop morlun from finishing off her husband, spider man biography birthday trivia cartoon - in some of the ongoing versions of the storyline spider man has married mary jane and they are separated or mary jane is presumed dead in some versions the spider which bit peter parker is genetically altered rather than radioactive, the spectacular spider man tv series 2008 2009 imdb - created by victor cook steve ditko stan lee with josh keaton lacey chabert joshua lebar grey delisle an animated television show that focuses on a sixteen year old peter parker and the origins of spider man, spider man 2 2004 rotten tomatoes - stan lee s all too human superhero returns to the screen in this highly anticipated sequel to 2002 s blockbuster hit spider man peter parker tobey maguire is attempting to juggle college classes and his job as a photographer with the daily bugle while maintaining his secret life as costumed crime fighter spider man parker is also struggling, death of spider man marvel database - j jonah jameson offers peter his old job back back at daily bugle the next day peter gets fired from his job at burger frog because of his frequent absence from work due to him secretly being spider man, spider man homecoming 2 shooting earlier than expected - a new report claims that spider man homecoming 2 may be shooting in new overseas locations and a bit earlier than expected, amazon com spider man amazon digital services llc - buy spider man read 497 movies tv reviews amazon com, the spectacular spider man western animation tv tropes - the spectacular spider man is a short lived animated series based on the marvel comics web slinging superhero and developed for television by greg weisman, amazing spider man 797 review amazing spider talk a - great dan slott and stuart immonen kick off going down swinging and amazing spider man 797 with the biggest of bangs it s a terrifyingly suspenseful and beautifully drawn issue that seamlessly taps into what makes for great superhero comic storytelling