In Defense Of Secular Humanism -

humanism some history humanism - the history of the term humanism is complex but enlightening it was first employed as humanismus by 19th century german scholars to designate the renaissance emphasis on classical studies in education, humanism definition principles history influence - humanism humanism system of education and mode of inquiry that arose in italy in the late 13th century and later spread through western europe, humanism vs atheism progressive humanism - hi carl thanks for your info my sister s a humanist and i was just wanting to get a bit of background to her beliefs you seem to be a very reasonable and pleasant bunch, humanism renaissance and reformation oxford - introduction humanism was the major intellectual movement of the renaissance in the opinion of the majority of scholars it began in late 14th century italy came to maturity in the 15th century and spread to the rest of europe after the middle of that century, humanism vs christianity the great battle of our times - while christianity may have appeared to be strong superficially it has nonetheless been undermined by insidious philosophical social cultural and political forces, history philosophy of internet encyclopedia of philosophy - philosophy of history history is the study of the past in all its forms philosophy of history examines the theoretical foundations of the practice application and social consequences of history and historiography, the secular academy today s secular and humanist leaders - online webinars forums and workshops are now convenient and affordable on important topics vital to nonreligious people and leaders advancing the secular movement, western philosophy renaissance philosophy britannica com - western philosophy renaissance philosophy the philosophy of a period arises as a response to social need and the development of philosophy in the history of western civilization since the renaissance has thus reflected the process in which creative philosophers have responded to the unique challenges of each stage in the development of, renaissance philosophy internet encyclopedia of philosophy - renaissance philosophy the renaissance that is the period that extends roughly from the middle of the fourteenth century to the beginning of the seventeen century was a time of intense all encompassing and in many ways distinctive philosophical activity, holidays observances and conflicts religious tolerance - part 4 of 4 festivus an annual secular family celebration in december is for the rest of us this topic is continued from the previous essay history and rituals of festivus, feminism f a q s why feminism not equalism or - i wanted to kill two birds with one stone in this video the first thing i tried to address was the argument i ve received since my video what is feminism that if feminism is really about equality it should be called something broader like equalism or humanism, a case for secular morality objective morality without god - it is commonly believed especially by those of religious faith that any form of secular morality is doomed to total cultural and moral relativism where morality is regarded as nothing more than a cultural byproduct and a matter of opinion, navy rejects atheist chaplain after long fight senator says - sen roger wicker said wednesday that the navy has finally denied the application of a man who sought to become a secular humanist chaplain for the service, resource the western tradition - covering the ancient world through the age of technology this illustrated lecture by eugen weber presents a tapestry of political and social events woven with many strands religion industry agriculture demography government economics and art, 7 25 3 religious charitable educational etc - this section discusses religious charitable educational and other organizations under irc 501 c 3