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amazon com europe under napoleon 1799 1815 hodder arnold - broers covers the period from napoleon s ascension to power in 1799 to the fall of the empire in a series of chronologically arranged but primarily analytical chapters each chapter provides the essential basic narrative but broers primary emphasis is on the nature of the napoleonic empire and the differing responses of the different regions incorporated into the empire, europe under napoleon 1799 1815 google books - this book looks at the napoleonic empire from an entirely new perspective that of the ruled rather than the ruler broers concentrates on the experience of the peoples of europe and weaves together a myriad of regional experiences to produce a social history of the napoleonic empire with a truly panoramic scope, europe under napoleon 1799 1815 amazon com - i bought this book to learn more about the french occupation of europe and this book did not disappoint the entire empire is covered including some of the lessor known areas such as the illyrian provinces napoleon s new set of governments economic policy conscription and others are talked about in great detail, europe under napoleon 1799 1815 by michael broers - europe under napoleon 1799 1815 has 23 ratings and 3 reviews lauren said you can say that i always knew napoleon conquered but never thought about the europe under napoleon 1799 1815 has 23 ratings and 3 reviews, sparknotes napoleonic europe 1799 1815 summary - napoleon s army was defeated by wellington britain and blucher prussia at waterloo in june 1815 he was then exiled to saint helena in the south atlantic where he eventually died the chaotic europe left behind by roughly two decades of war was reorganized by the congress of vienna 1814 1815, europe under napoleon 1799 1815 in searchworks catalog - stanford libraries official online search tool for books media journals databases government documents and more, europe under napoleon 1799 1815 napoleon org - reviewed by mike rapport of the university of stirling uk in the british periodical french history vol 12 no 3 sept 1998, napoleonic wars 1799 1815 military history - the napoleonic wars were a series of conflicts fought between france under the leadership of napoleon bonaparte and a number of european nations between 1799 and 1815